New Everything!

New job. New Year. New life. New Blog? I don’t keep a blog of my life like a lot of people do. I just post some random thoughts or bursts of reflection on here, periodically, randomly really. I have had many people ask me to write a new blog, on a regular basis, of my … Continue reading


Love. Laughter. Everafter. East coast. West coast. All coast. No coast. Stay. Leave. Home. Hate. Wander. Lost. Curious. Scared. Alone. Paralyzed. Powerful. Trapped. Doubtful. Hopeful. Tears. Frustration. Anger. Hurt. Motivation. Distance. Further. Isolation. Depression. Shattered. New. Fresh. Inspired. Uncertain. Looking. Wondering. Lost. Searching. Doubting. Hoping. Aspiring.

Another Restless Night

What to do when your mind won’t shut up? Let it out. What do you do when you think you have found the very thing you think you have been looking for potentially your entire life but it is miles away, like 2,497 miles away? As I said, you just think this is it, you … Continue reading

Prayer for the Nation

Today, I don’t even know where to begin. I am disillusioned with America. Our potentially great nation, crippled by ignorance and hate. Once known for being the land of the free and home of the brave, I dare say has become land of misconceptions and home of the divided. There is this grave misconception that … Continue reading

Double Life

Sometimes I feel like I lead a double life. I do not mean that I am a hypocrite and act like a different person than who I truly am; I do not mean that I live two separate lives. I mean that I feel like God put two hearts in my chest, and I can’t … Continue reading

To be Loved

To be loved- that is all anyone ever wants. That is what we live for. That is what we spend our lives trying to acquire. Whether you have experienced the freedom of love, or you have experienced the emptiness that happens when you try to do without it, all anyone ever wants in this world … Continue reading

Welcome to Ocean Avenue

This morning around 7:59am I had “that” moment – the moment when you know it is going to be ok, when you know you can do it, that moment of release when you can finally exhale. FINALLY! When you are doing the right thing, God gives a peace that floods over your soul like a … Continue reading