Off Season

Today’s thoughts have been stirred by Lysa Terkeurst from her blog post entitled “And then I received another rejection letter.” Lysa is now a renowned author and speaker. Her post today reflected upon all of the rejection and doubt she went through for years before ever being published. She quotes 2 Timothy 4:2, “Preach the Word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke, and encourage – with great patience and careful instruction.” (NIV)

Chicken. That is what I thought. I am a big chicken. I have all of these talents, abilities, and resources, and yet I can sit all day and watch Nexflix and then complain that I should be doing more. If I could hit myself upside the head I would. Be prepared in season and out of season. Why? Because if you are not prepared during the off season, you won’t ever be in season! Any athlete will tell you that off-season just provides a variation in work out and routine, not a hibernation. The same goes for farming- if you let land sit and do nothing, you will get nothing. The soil has to be tilled, fertilized, aerated, and many other things before it is even ready to receive a seed, many months before a harvest can be reaped. Yes, rest is absolutely necessary, and rest is good, but laziness is not. In fact, I find myself sharpening my skills even more during off season as I am able to focus on just me. Take what you may feel like is an off season in your life and use that time to reflect inward, to get to know yourself, and work on strengthening your skills so that you will be prepared, no matter the season. Notice how in the verse above, the instructions were the SAME whether in or out of season. This means that regardless of the season you think you are in, you need to be equally dedicated and active! I want to end this post by sharing the provoking questions at the end of Lysa’s post:


1) Have I taken this seriously by investing time, effort, and resources in my development?

2) Have I given up too soon?

3) What have I let dissuade me from this that I need to face?

4) Have I mistakenly bought into the lie that all the opportunities for my calling have already been given to other people?

5) What’s one thing I can do today to move my calling forward?

For the full post, visit and look for the date March 4, 2015.


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