Snow White and the Wine Stain

Whether you drink it, cook with it, or have seen a movie with it, you know that wine stains like no other. The second that wine hits that pure white fabric, it is there to stay. There is no amount of magic that can restore that crisp white. You can seltzer it, oxi-clean it, bleach it, and Aunt Hilda’s trick it, but it will never be pure white again. Even if it is salvageable, it becomes a back-up at best. The purity is forever gone.
Today as I was hiking through a foot of freshly fallen snow, I was captivated by its purity. I had to put my sunglasses on as it sparkled and danced all around me. I almost felt guilty for intruding upon its perfectly sculpted surface. After about fifteen minutes, I reached the meadow just below the big bolder I wanted to hike. As I stood there alone in the meadow, I stopped and listened to my heart beat, the breeze, a bird calling in the distance, and the silence. IMG_7931

Before me was about an acre of unadulterated snow- without trees and free of any footprints. It was then I recalled Isaiah 1:18 “… though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be white as snow…” I took of my sunglasses and bent down to stare at the snow. I gently brushed the first layer off, lifting a handful to my face thinking nothing is whiter than snow. God says that our sin stains us like scarlet, the deepest red. We didn’t just spill a drop of wine, we soaked ourselves in it. God says even then, even soaked and stained with sin, He can make us white as snow! He doesn’t just wipe us off, spot clean us, and throw us in the wash hoping we come out clean- He makes us white as snow! That, dear brothers and sisters, is justification. God sees us through the complete work of Christ on the cross, the propitiation for our sins, the perfection for our failure, the right for our wrong. God sees only the white snow of forgiveness over our mountain of sin. The next time you see snow, may you be reminded that God’s love, through the power of Christ, has covered you and made you white as snow.


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