I Went Out Last Night

I went out last night.
That is how every bad country song begins.

Last night, as I was comfy on the couch with some girl friends, eating pizza, talking, warm and comfortable when they decided I needed to go out. Of the five of us, 2 were dating, and the three of us were single. We were young and beautiful and needed to go out.
I whined and conjured up excuses. I legitimately had other things I could have done with my night. I gave in any way. I figured I could go out for a while and still meet up with my other friends later, because at this point it was only just 9pm.
Much to my chagrin, we ended up at a sketchy bar. There was a pool table and TV’s on one side, and a karaoke stage with a dance floor on the other side. You can imagine where we sat. Yes, right by the stage.
Now, I have seen white girls dance before, but never to karaoke. The way these 3 females were dancing, no, gyrating in front of the entire restaurant. One was definitely over the hill, one was early 20’s, and one had just turned 21. They made me want to go buy a Gospel tract, hug them, and tell them God made them beautiful and they didn’t have to prostitute themselves like that. You could not help staring at them; they were body rolling to every song of every genre, and the karaoke was even worse if possible. We ordered and sat and chatted. We shared some laughs, but it was too loud to carry on any kind of conversation. I went through my news feed, twice, then my emails, then started shopping. One strange man put his arm around me telling me I looked beautiful, another asked me to dance, and another was going to get me a drink. In the movies this is supposed to be flattering, in real life its awkward, especially when you look up to a face no where near the likes of Matthew McConaughey. It got to a point where my friend slid me a band to put on my ring finger. This is not to say that I am drop dead gorgeous, but to say that pick-ups seem to be the routine of this “going out” business. At this point I determined not to waste a whole night there watching these poor girls and listening to another song off-key.
Did I gain anything from going out last night? Well… I did get to share a few laughs with my friends. Also, I will no longer wonder what is inside that sketchy bar. Most importantly, I realized that I am not missing anything from the “going out” scene. I do go out to other places and I have other interests, but sitting at a bar drinking and waiting to be picked up by some strange horny guy is not one of them. Everyone keeps asking how am I going to meet a guy? Probably not at a bar. They reek- they reek of desperation. I don’t want a hook up. I want love. I plan to fall in love naturally, doing something I love, and discovering that someone who will enjoy adventuring through life together. These pick up bar scenes are not the thing for me.
So thanks to my friends for taking me out and making me realize that I really am happy with my life and myself. I may spend forever waiting for the elusive gentleman in the 21st century, but I am happy, and I will happily wait. There is nothing else I could settle for, nothing that could even tempt me. I know that now, and for that I am grateful I went out last night.


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