~2013~ A Year in Review

What did 2013 look like to me? Chaos. If I had a bird’s eye view, I am sure it was hilarious watching me scurry about dealing with change in every facet of my life. From a personal perspective though, it was quite chaotic and hardly hilarious, until now. People often say “Hindsight is 20/20.” I agree. I would also say that often times  hindsight=facepalm. In my opinion, you are doing pretty good if you can laugh with your hand print on your forehead, as I am doing now. 

LIVE– Of course I continue to travel the globe. This year’s adventures included Costa Rica, France, and in the USA everywhere from Iowa, to Massachusetts, Vermont, New York, down to Florida and back up to the NJ/NYC area for New Years. The toughest adventure for me was 6 weeks undergoing procedures to find out if I had a certain type of cancer. Praise God that it was found not cancerous! I continue to praise God for the life I have and I intend to live it out to the best of my ability.

LAUGH– I am on my 3rd career. Not just a job change, an entire career change. Funny thing is, this is the closest I have come to using my degrees and the most fulfilled I have felt, and nothing, absolutely nothing that I had planned for! Nothing makes me laugh like irony.

LOVE– This is an awkward phase. I am at a time when I am no longer young and foolish and easily persuaded. I find myself at a precarious stage when the males my age are still behaving like boys and the older ones are out on a wife hunt searching for any female who will say yes. I have been out with an array of “nice guys” this year, but my generation is seriously lacking on quality men. What happened to them and why do so many males fail to embrace manhood? Where are the men of confidence, conviction, character, and can I get some charisma? Dare I even mention the word “chivalry”? (I am referring to more than opening the door or paying the bill you unimaginative lot!) I could write a book on the subject, but today is not that day. Simply put, I have yet to be impressed. For now my heart is full of love, the enduring love of God, the love of friends and family and the 100 children I get to look after every day. I am oh so grateful for the wonderful people in my life. I could not ask for more.

What do you want your year of 2014 to look like? I want mine to be full of life, laughter, love, and of course adventure all around, just as I wish every year. I am sure there will always be moments when we look back and smack ourselves on the forehead, but hopefully less times than we did the year before. After all, life is an adventure- stop seeking perfection and live! Cheers- salud– and I wish the best to you!


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