To be Loved

Goodnight Hug

To be loved- that is all anyone ever wants. That is what we live for. That is what we spend our lives trying to acquire. Whether you have experienced the freedom of love, or you have experienced the emptiness that happens when you try to do without it, all anyone ever wants in this world is love.

Have you ever seen someone destroy their life trying to fill themselves with everything but love? It is one of the saddest things to behold. To spend time in vain at a job that does not give back; to drink into oblivion because you don’t value the day you have been given; to drug yourself because the life you have settled for is not fulfilling; to spend days alone because you have lost the hope that someone will love you; or to drown yourself in the crowd because you want to feel loved but you are afraid to let any one person get close. Life is short, precious, a gift. It’s expiration date is unknown. Life is worth living. Love is worth every effort. In case anyone has forgotten or has never been told, you are loved and you are worthy of love.

I was reminded of that this week. I just wanted to share, if nothing more than to remind myself. Please, don’t waste your life.

The little girl in the picture is an orphan from Guatemala. Every night she would crawl on me and just play with my face and my hair. She could care less if the TV was on or if the other kids were running around. She would just put her chubby little hand on my cheek and look at me as if I was the safest place in the world. She did this every night. Mi corazón would burst every time, and still does when I see this picture.



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