Welcome to Ocean Avenue

Ocean Ave, Santa Monica, CA

This morning around 7:59am I had “that” moment – the moment when you know it is going to be ok, when you know you can do it, that moment of release when you can finally exhale. FINALLY! When you are doing the right thing, God gives a peace that floods over your soul like a high tide envelops the shore; it envelopes you and washes away the anxiety. I found myself dropping to my knees, inhaling and exhaling like I had been suffocating for the past few months. I let out a few tears and cried “thank you” as I felt the burden lifting to Heaven. Now, there is no more aching in the pit of my stomach. There only remains in my head a list of things I need to do now to get me from point A to point B. My heart can beat freely, no longer afflicted with anxiety. Breathing has returned to normal. I may even sit and watch the sunset today, that is how fresh I feel.

Now, about that list of things to do…


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