You Might Need a New Job if…

Wondering if your job is right for you?

Something may be wrong at your job when you feel like you need a vacation after every week of work. I am not talking about the constant comparison of wishing you were at the Caribbean instead of your cubicle. I am talking about how your job makes you feel so miserable that those two days off make you feel like Charlie winning the golden ticket, or that any infraction upon those short two days off is not a celebration of overtime pay but a grievance of another minute gone. That is when, dear reader, you may be working where you need not be working.

Generally speaking, We spend more time at work that we do anything else. We spend more time with our co-workers than with any one else. Why are we under the impression that work should be miserable, that it must be suffered through no matter the consequences? If we are going to spend the majority of our lives doing anything, let it be positive and productive! I am not beguiled into believing that we can have a good day every day, however the good day should be the norm; bad anything should never be accepted as normal. 

Why the gusto today? I am in a job where almost every day is nails on the chalkboard painfully miserable. If it is not the customers, it is the co-workers. The location, I am not fond of, the management I sadly do not trust, and my co-workers are some of the most destructive careless people. I spend forty plus hours with them and it is impacting me so negatively. I know my morals and my pleasant demeanor have brought good things to the work environment, but that does not make it any less toxic. The sticky part is that I still like the industry and more so I am addicted to the perks. I get to travel with such a great discount. If you know me, you know I want to see the world, so this is the one thing I am white knuckled about letting go. My mother tells me if I would  get a big girl job with a big girl salary, I could afford to travel any way. This may be true, but do you know how hard it is for my generation of recent college graduates to score one of those comfortable salary paying jobs? If you have never done a search for a job- try it! Tell me if you do not end up with eight hundred search results, and then when you refine your search by your actual qualifications and you end up with eight jobs you are now over-qualified for. For me, I could master anything with customer relations as I have been doing this since 2003. However, do I have the MBA that companies want, no. Do I have the 5-10 years management experience they say they want, no. If corporate America keeps searching for old fuddie duddies when they want to reach this generation and be the hottest new thing on the market, they need this generation that buys into the hottest things on the market. Duh! Two if the most infamous companies in the world are Facebook and Google. Look at the people they hire and how well they treat them and tell me that does not equate to their success. I work for a company who wants to be the industry leader but they do not give you  enough time off to enjoy the company benefits or enough money to afford it when you do. Why they expect us to love our job and encourage people to do the things we ourselves cannot do is so far beyond me. That readers, is where I sit- on a couch, on my day off, thinking that I need another career path but not knowing how to get there. I am overwhelmed by what is out there and possibly a little afraid to start over again. 

I challenge you to not settle for anything short of your aspiration. Here is my commitment to you today: I will thank God for giving me another day; I will make the most out of my day; I will continue to search and apply for those jobs I want even if I do not meet the “preferred qualifications” and hope for the best; and before the day is over, I will do something I enjoy for the sake of none other than myself.

Best of luck in the wandering. 


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