Rascall Flatts Takes Me Back

It all started when that song came on the radio. Rascall Flatts always takes me back. There must be magic in those keys, and that harmony seems to entrap me. I find myself remembering those days when I loved deeply and was deeply loved. Then my heart starts to ache because there is quite some distance between then and today. I am not the same girl; I’ve never felt the same. The most intoxicating memories are those that start so sweet but have a bitter ending. Tonight its all of the little things I miss like wearing his hoodie, dancing in the kitchen instead of doing the dishes, and sitting on the edge of a dock praying that maybe, just maybe, time would stop. To have felt all of that and each time it was wrong, I can’t even fathom how enrapturing love will be when I find it truly. I will most likely take off running should I ever see it coming. So Love, you must come softly or swiftly. Softly to ease my hardened heart and swiftly to steal it away because I would never risk again what led me to feel such pain. Not today, not even tomorrow- someday in the future, love will cover all sorrow.


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