Javion- a story of Christ over coffee

As a follow up to my “Save Your Sips” post, I would like to announce that this time next week 13 year old Javion will be receiving a new XBox game and some Christmas goodies, all for the price of a few coffees. It has not been easy, especially if you know how early I have to be at work. The only thing that got me through it was the note from Javion’s father that I kept taped to my door and read every day before I left for work. It read: “Javion, Merry Christmas. Take care of your mom and your sis. Love, Dad.” I cried when I read it, that is why I picked Javion’s angel, because Lord knows I would have no clue what to buy a 13 year old boy. You see, Javion’s father is in prison and cannot be with his family this Christmas. I went shopping for his father. Through this small simple gesture, I was able to share the story of what Christmas means- Christ come to earth- to Javion and his family. All for the love of Christ over coffee.

Now is always the right time to make a difference.

Merry Christmas, and may God bless you this holiday.


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