Save Your Sips

Your $5 drink can change a life, read below:

Mouth watering, right? I know, I have had them all. Sadly, other than happy taste buds, I don’t remember anything special about those drinks. I don’t remember when I bought them or who I was with. I do remember, however, sharing my breakfast on Wednesday with two homeless men. Our culture has told us that we deserve to reward ourselves every now and again. I do believe in rewarding good work; I believe in positive reinforcement. What is unsettling is when I am “splurging” and there is someone near me suffering. This Christmas I want you to join me in “splurging” on someone in need. From now until Christmas, every time you would normally meet a friend for coffee or need that extra kick Monday morning, take that $5 and put it aside. By the time Christmas rolls around you should have at least $15-20 if you save the cost of one coffee a week. Look for ways to give that money to someone else this season, whether you know a single parent at who could use that money to feed the family, an elderly neighbor who hasn’t been able to change the oil in his car or get the leaves off the lawn, or a child whose name is on an angel tree because his/her parents can’t afford to buy a gift for Christmas. Please, save the money you would spend this month on store bought coffee and spend it on someone in need this Christmas.

Save Your Sips

Please join me and SAVE YOUR SIPS to help someone in need this Christmas.


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