Today’s frustration derived from watching movies such as Ghost of Girlfriends Past, Made of Honor, etc. :

What’s up with all these movies glorifying guys who do whatever with whoever, and then they think they will end up with this amazing woman. False. In real life, amazing girls don’t want or buy someone’s used up washed up trash, so just stop already!

Yes, I wrote that and posted it to my online profile because I am perplexed at this. Perhaps I am sensitive to such an issue because it is relevant to me with one, mmm two, guys who want to be a part of my life, but their choice of “extracurricular co-ed activities,” as I call them, is absolutely repulsive. Correct males, being scandalous is not attractive to a woman because it means you are a selfish, not trustworthy, and not a good long term investment. This does not include stupid boys who grew up into men.I do believe in growth, redemption and forgiveness. I also believe in reality and consequences. Women don’t want boys, we want men. We want the appetizer, main dish, and dessert; we don’t want your leftovers. There, said, done.



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