Mind Wandering, Again

Today is one of those days where someone must have taken my emotions and put them in a blender, poured it in a cup, and served it to me for breakfast. They are everywhere. Is it hormonal? Is it emotional? Is it real? Today I am taking it slow, my new favorite speed. I find myself just staring off and wondering. Although, it is gorgeous fall weather and quite a captivating landscape from almost any angle this time of year, it is not abnormal to find one’s mind lost in the rich color palate across the sky. My mind is not as lost as myself lately. I’m at such an odd stage of life: graduated, employed part-time, living at home, wishing I was full time and could afford living on my own. I have the career that I want, but not the full-time position; I must work my way up over the next one to two years. It’s just an odd place to be: grown and bursting with passions, prepared and beginning the next phase of life, but restricted and confined to stay put and wait. I hate it. I appreciate all the perks of having the house to myself during the day, not paying rent, not buried in debt, not dealing with roommate drama. But who wants to move back into their parents house and deal with the same futile things as when you left in high school? The answer is no one.

Also I would like to mention the realm men. Gosh, they suck! One only thinks he is a man when he is a stupid boy in a man’s body. The other wants to be a man, but he thoroughly lavishes on the irresponsibility of his youth. And then the bummer of the week- gorgeous guy has a gal. Crap. Therefore my mind is left to wander the world of population: me, where I am planning my European excursion and my Latin American tour of ancient ruins. I try to not be self-absorbed as far as future goals, but right now the only person concerned about me is me, so why not do what I want to do since I am the only factor in the equation? Right? Right. [Disclaimer: I am not selfish in nature at all, I am a very giving person. I am solely referring to my planning capabilities right now.]

I think I have let off enough steam this morning. I have errands to run to make myself feel important and not bored. 🙂

~Have a splendid day in your own way~


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