I want my life to matter

“The only things that will outlive you are other people and the Word of God” a quote I heard while at a conference today.

I want my life to matter.

I want to make a difference in some one else’s life because no other accomplishment will survive my death. Have you ever thought about that- what will survive when you die? Nothing except your memory in the lives of others. What good is that memory if it does not help someone? Why would you spend anything (time, effort, money, affection) on something that would not last? I realize each one of us has unique talents, heartfelt desires, and dreams. I’m not saying to chuck it all out the window and join the peace corps. I simply want to encourage you to search out what it is that you can do for other people that no one except you could do. If you are business minded, make lots of money to contribute to charitable organizations or go and help those organizations become more effective in their business management. If you have an eye in the fashion industry, why not dedicate your talents to making some under privileged girls feel like a princess for a day? Think you are just Plain Jane or Sloppy Joe, there is no task to little to help with. Sometimes all you need is to share the gift of your company with a lonely soul. Don’t be afraid of the greatness within you. Don’t be frightened if inspiration jumps out at you. When you are gone, your body goes, your money goes, any ties you had go, any thing material, it all goes. What lives on are people. business is not my forte, but  it seems obvious to me that the best investment one could make in life is to invest  in other people. Don’t waste your life. Spend it on people. Spend it on anything else and it goes to waste.

Make your life matter.


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