Say it

“Sometimes people write what they can’t say.” Haley, One Tree Hill Season 5 Finale

Things I can’t say today:

I miss you because you don’t even know how I feel.

I love you. Not to the one I love.

I’m in love with you, because you’re not ready for that.

I can’t stop loving you. I lied when I said I didn’t.

I saw you just for a moment today. I’m still amazed at how you take my breath away.

The way you look at me, I wonder if you see right through me.

But you act like you know nothing while I act like I don’t feel a thing.

I’m not into playing games, though I’m very good at playing charades.

I wish you felt the same way. I wish that day was today-

the day when I will look into two beautiful eyes and know that my soul can no longer lie

because everything I feel inside is reflected back through his life.

I’m not sure who or when that will be.

If it is you, I’d be happy if that were in a day or two.

If not, then God I’ll need a miracle to get over you.

All it took was a moment today, and in that moment you took my breath away.


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