Not fair, not fair

I stinking love you. Everything you write, everything you say, and everything you think you don’t. I love it all. I love you most. Every crease that graces your brow, your pressed lips when the thought just won’t come out, how you search the guitar for a magical chord, it all just makes my heart skip a beat, then a thousand more. And then you pause and look up at me, and a hint of your smile makes me forget to breathe. God, you are perfection; it just isn’t even fair. You knock me down so easily, I forget to come up for air. No it’s just not fair, not fair.

I adore you, the way you adore me too. You say that watching me sleep inspires such a beautiful melody. I just can’t believe you are really happening to me. Every move you make, every touch, every kiss, like the first time every time. When you walk into the room, all my attention goes to you. When you are miles away, I feel every inch like razor-sharp pain. I’m not sure how I lived life before you because I’ve never breathed so deeply, loved so loudly, felt such beauty, known as surely, or lived as freely- yet I am completely captivated and it’s just not fair, not fair.

My love, just take me- let’s go, let’s go now. I’ve never been more sure of anything. You took my wrong and made it right. There was never anything meant to be more true in my life. Get over here with that crooked grin. I vow my love and I vow ’till the end. When life sucks and I want to give up, when you are down and want to give in, we will be together, sink or swim. I’m sure it won’t be easy, but I am sure it’s you. Never were two intertwined in such harmony. All those watching our love so rare, I’m sure they think it’s not fair, not fair.


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