Meant to Stay

To Go & To Stay

I went to see you today, curious to hear what you would say. It was busy, not surprising. You still have that gleam in your eyes, the one I thought was all for me, but you charade around so casually. It was noisy and over crowded, the place that once felt like home, the place I once considered my own. You look the same, you smell the same. I could hardly speak your name, mesmerized by how you’d changed. I used to loathe you,then grew to love you. I never wanted to leave but you insisted the time had come for me to move on. I left with my heart in hand as I set out to explore new lands. I stayed near; I traveled far; I stayed so busy that I can’t say today I know who you are. So I decided to stop by to see if you were the same; I saw that you had indeed changed. My heart, weary and worn, began to feel the distance of us face to face even more. I know you helped shape me into who I am today, I acknowledge this and grateful I will remain. Though love, I cannot stay, I just came by to say- thank you, and good bye, never a moment wasted with you, but this was no longer my life. With a heavy heart I walked away, now knowing I was meant to go and you were meant to stay.


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