High School- how did we make it?

I was watching a show based on high school kids (kids, yeah right, more like twenty somethings pretending to be teens). It made me miss being in high school when life was much simpler than it is now: when money did not define your actions as much as your parents did; when jobs were highly encouraged but not mandatory, plus mom or grandma would always stuff $10 in your pocket “just in case”; or when the weekend was nothing but football Friday, cartoons all day Saturday, and Sunday school followed by some massive pot luck that took the rest of the day napping to digest it all. Yeah I miss that. But then it hit me-

How in the WORLD did I make it through high school?

It’s sad to say my adult mind struggles in conceiving  a world protected from, and not ruled by, finances, career choices, schedules, or the inability to get my fax machine working today! In reality, high school was NOT easy for me, I was a grade ahead so I was always taking crazy classes plus an extra period every semester, and my Jr- Sr year I doubled up college classes and vocational school while remaining a year round varsity athlete. I also worked on occasion. I was nuts. I still am. But I wasn’t going to die without a paycheck and my inability to decide on a career was not going to deter my future plans; life just kept on rolling somehow. Life is still rolling, but I feel that given my current disposition, life is rolling through sludge, nice and pain painstakingly slow.  Well now that I have expressed my dilemmas for today, I am off to find a functioning fax machine and solve at least one of my problems today 🙂


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