You will never know…

I love you. You will never know.

I’m leaving, yes, I have to go.

For worse than having loved

and having lost,

is having loved

and receiving nothing at all.

In my anguish,

I despise you.

Though, I’d rather mesmerize you.

You will have none of it,

so I will depart with what’s left.

In my love,

I hate you.

In my leaving,

I’ll never forget you,

though I hope to.

Goodbye, my love-

I will never say.

I’ll just leave,

leave you to believe I hate you.

True, but I hate you

because I cannot love you.

At least I will try not to anymore.

You may never know.

You will only hear the sound

of a knock on an empty house

as it resounds.

No, you must never know

I love you.


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