I Think I’m in the Wrong Country

Me hace falta Guatemala

I think I’m in the wrong country.

Actually I don’t know what to think anymore.

All I know is that there is an urge within me to get the h*ll out of here!

Florida- fail. That’s okay though, really. As I stated earlier, I would rather go and find out it’s not for me than to sit and wonder. So now I know, it’s not for me.

North Carolina- [most likely] my new destination. Why? It has been my refuge my entire life, and what better place to live than the  place you wish you could break away and escape to? We shall see how it goes. I could use a beach now. Actually, when is there a time when I couldn’t use a beach? I’m just ready to get away, I don’t even care for how long. I just need to get away from these lame, selfish, undependable so-called friends here that are slowly draining me. Granted, there is a handful, of wonderful , godly, encouraging, amazing friends here, but that is not enough to make me stay. Speaking of godly, that is the one adjective that used to define my life, and gracias to this contagious complacency that so subtly plagues all who linger here too long, it is now the one adjective of which I am utterly unworthy. That is a shame, and that is the highest on my list of improvements.

I am packing one box at a time. Growing sadder with each empty shelf in all honesty. Wondering what lies ahead for me. Wondering if and when I will ever be back. Waiting for the opportune time to depart, concerned I may not have the strength to do so, but knowing I must. Who knows where I will write from next- how exciting is that?! I am just grateful to have the freedom to do so and most of all a God that is with me wherever I rome. I am wandering in His grace.


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